Friday, September 30, 2011

Here She Comes Now: Welcome to The Vegan Underground!

Hello blogosphere!  I’m Heather, VeganVintageGal, and I’m delighted to be here to talk vegan food and lifestyle.  What better time to seize this opportunity and start such a blog than at the brink of the glorious VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food)?!  The past couple years I have enjoyed VeganMoFo in a different capacity, as a reader.  I’ve loved reading from the sidelines but now I’m compelled to do more.  There are so many aspects to this lifestyle.  Health, the environment and great food sure, but it’s also about adventure, whimsy, fashion and community.  The online community is basically the only vegan community I know so I think it’s time I become an active part of it. 

For the purposes of VeganMoFo, here are a few topics I plan to delve into…
-  On a Working Gal’s Budget - Ways to eat fabulously while pinching pennies
-  Cooking through my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) - Not familiar with what a CSA is?  Read up on the concept HERE.
-  Food and Film - Meals inspired by some of my favorite movies
-  On the Town - Getting the most from the vegan offerings of San Diego (and wherever else I am lucky enough to venture to)
When MoFo ends, assuming I survive, I’ll incorporate more posts related to vintage lifestyle and what not, although vegan food will remain at the forefront here.  

With a wink and a smile,

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