Thursday, October 6, 2011

On the Town - At the Farmers' Market (VeganMoFo)

Aren’t farmers’ markets just the greatest?!  Even if I don’t end up buying anything at one, the experience of meandering through the aisles of fresh produce, greeting the jolly farmers and inhaling the aromas of freshly prepared global cuisine is enough to lift my spirits.  

I'm seeing red!

I headed to my farmers’ market this afternoon to get some strawberries before their season ends here in San Diego.  Since I started buying strawberries at the farmers market I have been ruined for all grocery store strawberries (much the way I have been ruined by home-grown and CSA tomatoes).  These precious babies are most often picked the very day they are sold and their dark red hue proves it.  

This trough of strawberries only set me back $6.  While in season, I usually buy this amount every 2-3 weeks, eat 2/3 of them during the remainder of the week and then freeze that last third for times when strawberries are no longer in abundance. 

Another buy from today’s market was a bag of juicy Valencia oranges.  Only $3 for these babies.  I’m set for oranges now for a couple weeks.  Again, the quality of the oranges I get at the farmers market is exponentially better than at Sprouts (my favorite health food store chain). 

I do very little with fresh seasonal fruit other than eat it straight so no fancy plans for this haul.  Fruit is arguably my favorite food on earth so when it’s great like this I enjoy it pure and simple.  

With a wink and a smile,


  1. Yay! I adore farmers' markets, and especially other people's photos of them! (These are beautiful, by the way.)

    I actually just did a market post on Wednesday (I live in NYC), so it's really interesting to see what's fresh out in California!

  2. Thanks! Your NYC market looks like it has some rockin' produce.